2 Tri Clamp Electric Water Heating Element

Detai 2"Tri-clamp Electric Water Heating Element comes with 3 elements which are located in one housing, have separate wires for connection to the electrical network. This allows you to safely mount a heating element to your boiler via 2" tri-clamp(64mm).
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Product Details

1. Product Introduction

2" Tri-clamp tubular immersion heater, with tubular elements, also answer the need for liquid immersion heating applications requiring high kilowatts in small water tanks. The tubular element’s unique flat surface geometry packs more power in a smaller bundle, with lower watt density, making it especially well-suited for petroleum-based liquid heating applications.

2. How to order ?flange immersion heater electric heating tubular ??Please advise following information

1).Material (usually SUS304 if not mentioned)

2).Wattage and voltage 

3).Diameter & length of the heater(can be suggested by engineers FYI)

4).Thread/flange size

5).Drawing or sample appreciated for special type

6).Quantity needed

3. Specification



4. Available Connections


5. 2"Tri-clamp Electric Water Heating Element Applications


6. Product Details


7. Certifications


8. Delivery&Package


9.Shipment chart

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