Advantages of the flange heating element

- Mar 25, 2019-

  The flange type electric heating element is mainly heated by welding a plurality of electric heating elements on the flange, and is mainly used for heating in an open type, closed type solution tank and a circulation system. Advantages of the flange heating element as below.

1) The surface power is large, which is 2 to 4 times of the surface load of air heating.

2)Highly dense and compact. Since the whole is short and dense, the stability is good and the installation does not require a bracket.

3) The combination type mostly uses argon arc welding to connect the heating element to the flange, or it can be in the form of fastening device, that is, each electric heating element is welded with fasteners, and then the nut is locked with the flange cover, the element It is welded with fasteners by argon arc and never leaks. The fastener seal adopts a scientific process, and the single replacement is extremely convenient, which greatly saves the maintenance cost in the future.

4)Scientific production process, strict quality management, to ensure the superior electrical performance of electric heating element.

5) Long service life, with multiple protection systems, safe and reliable.