Application and function of hot runner

- Jun 27, 2019-

Because of the hot runners, hot runner molds have been used in such a wide range of applications. Hot runner molds have been successfully used in a variety of processing plastic materials, and parts manufactured using hot runner molds are widely used, and are widely used in the automotive, electronics, toy, medical, packaging and other industrial sectors.

Hot runner products are so widely used because of two important technical factors. First, the temperature control of the plastic, the hot runner system can control the temperature well, and the second is the control of the plastic runner, because the plastic is in the flow balance in the hot runner system, and the hot runner is the best technology to ensure the balance of the runner.The application of hot runners is quite economical. Hot runners help companies eliminate nozzles in injection molding, help companies save raw materials, and help reduce mold wear and extend the life of secrets. In general, the application life of hot runner-mounted molds is thin nozzle molds. 2 times. The role of the hot runner mentioned above is based on the correct choice of the hot runner system. If the choice is wrong, the opposite effect will be obtained. E.g:

Feel free to choose hot runner nozzles. Use a hot mouth machined in a small workshop.

Listen to the hot runner sales staff exaggeration of the best parameters and durability, using cheap hot mouth. The after-sales service personnel of the hot runner are not skilled. The hot runner system and the mold have poor fit. These will cause the hot runner to have a negative effect, damage the mold and affect the company's efficiency.