Application of single-head heating tube in mold heating

- Apr 25, 2019-

The mold heating method includes flame heating, electric heating, infrared heating, steam heating, and the like. The cooling method is to use a cooling medium in the cooling duct to thermally carry away the heat. However, the electric heating rod heats the preferred heating method for heating the mold.


The five advantages of a single-head heating rod determine its position in mold heating.


First, the heating rod has a small volume and is convenient to install.


Secondly, the heating rod has high temperature control precision. During the injection molding process, the electric heating rod of the cavity and the core rapidly heats the template to be close to or higher than the heat distortion temperature of the plastic material, and ensures that the corresponding process remains in the injection process. temperature. After the injection is completed, the cooling water rapidly cools the mold cavity and the core. When the mold temperature is cooled to the set temperature range, the mold is opened and the plastic part is taken out.


Third, energy-saving uses electric heating elements to heat the injection mold, without the need to set an external supporting heat source, reducing the formation


Fourthly, the cooling water in the mold is prevented from absorbing too much heat, delaying the heating rate of the mold, preventing the high temperature and high pressure caused by the cooling water vaporization from harming the mold, and improving the safety of the equipment.


Fifth, the use of heating rods is low in cost.