Application of stainless steel on electric heating tubes

- Aug 27, 2019-

The instant electric water heater is mainly composed of a heating trough plate, a pressure sensor, a power regulator, a water regulating faucet, an inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe component, wherein the heating trough plate is a key component of the instant electric water heater. The heating tank consists of a groove, a seal, a cover and an electric heating element. The electric heating element is located in the slot of the slot plate and is also commonly referred to as the inner casing of the instant water heater. A stainless steel heating pipe is used as the heating water heater, and the cold water enters the inner tank and flows directly through the surface of the stainless steel electric heating tube to be heated. The stainless steel electric heating tube is a heating method which is currently used in the instant electric water heater industry.

Electric heating tube

The advantages of stainless steel heating tube are: good heat resistance, dry burning resistance, mature technology and low cost. At present, there are many types of stainless steel heating tubes used by various instant electric water heater manufacturers, and the price difference between various tubes is large. The same is the stainless steel electric heating tube, the difference in quality and performance is also very large. The difference between the quality of the stainless steel electric heating tube is mainly due to the different nickel content. Nickel is an excellent corrosion-resistant material. When it is combined with chromium in stainless steel, the corrosion resistance and process performance of the stainless steel are improved. However, for low-carbon nickel steel to obtain a pure austenitic structure, the nickel content should be 24%, and only when the nickel content is 27%, the corrosion resistance of the steel in some media is significantly changed. Therefore, from the material point of view, 800, 840, 316L is relatively good corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant stainless steel electric heating tube, 800 stainless steel tube contains 30% nickel, 840 tube nickel content reaches 20%, but if it is poor Some 304 tube stainless steels contain only 8% nickel. Therefore, the use of high-temperature resistant high temperature corrosion resistant stainless steel heating tubes is also very advantageous.