Application range and characteristics of fluid explosion-proof electric heater

- Jul 09, 2019-

Application range of electric heaters:

1. Heating fluid heated by heating, such as superheated steam, molten salt, process water, nitrogen (air) gas, water gas, etc.

2. Hydrocarbon heating, including petroleum crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat transfer oil, lubricating oil, paraffin, etc.

3. Due to the advanced explosion-proof structure, the equipment can be widely used in natural gas, offshore platforms, chemical industry, military, petroleum, shipbuilding, mining areas and other places where explosion protection is required.

4. Heating of chemical materials in the chemical industry, some powder drying under certain pressure, chemical process and spray drying.

Main features of electric heaters:

1. Wide application range and strong adaptability: The heater can be applied to explosion-proof or general occasions. The explosion-proof grade can reach dIIB grade and C grade, and the pressure resistance can reach 20MPa.

2. The energy saving effect is remarkable, and the heat generated by the electric energy is transmitted to the heating medium by almost 100%.

3, high heating temperature: the maximum operating temperature of the heater design can reach 850 °C.

4. The medium outlet temperature is uniform and the temperature control precision is high.

5, small size, high power: the heater mainly uses clustered tubular electric heating elements.

6. Long life and high reliability: The heater is made of special electrothermal material, with low surface power load and multiple protections, which greatly increases the safety and life of the electric heater.

7. Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy and high comprehensive thermal efficiency.

8. Fully automatic control: According to the requirements, the heater circuit design can easily realize the automatic control of the parameters such as outlet temperature, flow rate and pressure, and can be networked with the computer.