Assembly requirements for heat pipes

- Apr 17, 2019-

1. The tensile force that the cold needle should be able to accept should be 70% of its own tensile strength, but not more than 1000N, the experimental time is 3min, no displacement or cracking occurs after the experiment.

Note: The tensile force itself refers to the pulling force that enables the cold needle to be pulled out.

2. The cold needle with the lug or the terminal of the insert is soldered. The tensile force of 200N should be applied to the lug or the plug. The test time is 3 min. During the experiment, the lug or the plug should not be cracked or dropped.

3, the ceramic plug should be able to accept 20N tension without loosening phenomenon.

4. The sealant at both ends of the heating tube should be evenly distributed and there should be no overflow.