Can the oven heating tube not be used?

- Jul 19, 2019-

    If the oven heating tube is indirectly exposed, the oven can be used continuously. It is normal for the oven heating tube to be indirectly exposed. Because the electric oven automatically controls the temperature during the working process, when the temperature is too high, the oven will automatically disconnect the circuit. At this time, the heating tube stops working, only when After the internal temperature of the oven is lower than the set temperature, the oven will restart and start heating, so the oven will not light up during the heating interval. This does not affect the normal use of the oven.

Pay attention to some safety issues during the use of the oven:

1. Do not use the oven to heat unopened canned food. This will increase the pressure on the canned food, causing an explosion, resulting in personal injury or damage.

 2. If the baked recipe ingredients contain alcohol, high temperature will cause the alcohol to evaporate and burn with the heating element. Therefore, before putting the food into the oven, burn the alcohol to avoid such danger.

3. When putting food into a hot oven, turning or removing food, and adjusting the grill and baking tray, wear insulated gloves as much as possible to avoid high temperature burns.

 4. The power must be cut off when cleaning the oven. Pay attention to the use of neutral detergent. Also pay attention to scrubbing with a soft rag to prevent scratching the surface. When using the oven daily, you should carefully read the important instructions in the operating instructions for safe use, handling and care of the product to avoid accidents and damage.