Cast aluminum heating plate

- Mar 30, 2019-

First, the use of cast aluminum heating plate:

       Widely used in plastic machinery, die, cable machinery, chemical, rubber, petroleum and other equipment.

       Second, cast aluminum heating plate features:

       It has the advantages of long life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and magnetic field resistance.

       Third, cast aluminum heating plate structure performance:

       The cast aluminum heating plate is an electric heater which is formed by a tubular electric heating element as a heating element and is die-casted by a high-quality aluminum alloy material, and its use temperature is generally between 150 and 450 degrees Celsius.

       Fourth, the advantages of cast aluminum heating plate:

       1. The heat exchange area is large, and the heat exchange speed is fast and the efficiency is high;

       2. The heating time is long, the pipeline channel is heated, the pipeline is long, the heating time is longer, and the heat transfer is more sufficient;

       3. With good heat exchange medium, the heat exchange rate of fast heat transfer is fast;

       4, the heater water flow channel and the pipeline are surrounded by the whole pipe, no welding connection, no large-area liquid-tight seal to prevent corrosion liquid leakage;

       5. The heating element is completely protected from moisture and water and electricity, ensuring safety and security;

       6. Reduce the heat load of the heating element, reduce the generation of scale and prolong the service life.

       7. The heating element terminal will generate heat due to the contact point, and should be in the low temperature area of the heating element. The terminal should be dispersed to reduce its own heat and ensure safety;