Cause of rupture of the heating tube

- Jul 02, 2019-

Reason one: During the filling process, the magnesium powder is mixed with impurities. After high temperature, these impurities will be carbonized. When used for a long time, the tube will burst;

Reason 2: Material selection is very important. There are many kinds of stainless steel. The correct material is selected according to the environment used by the heating pipe. The pipe itself has a difference. One is a seamed pipe, the other is a non-pipe, and the seamed steel pipe is welded with a steel strip. If there is a little welding, the pipe will burst. Generally, there is no such problem, and it may be caused by the seam quality.

Reason three: stainless steel electric heating tube is also used to heat the liquid. Some are corrosive liquids, some are water. Heating water is sometimes the cause of water quality, because many of them may use ground water, or tap water, more impurities, and easy to scale. Too much scale is too thick, which can cause the internal temperature to not spread, causing the heating tube to burst. How to effectively remove scale, it is recommended to read the article "Recommended method for recommending scale of electric heating pipe";

Reason 4: The wall of the heating pipe is too thin or the power of the heating pipe is set too high, the surface load is too large, and the internal temperature is too high, which easily causes the internal expansion of the heating pipe, thereby causing the heating pipe to rupture.