Causes of noise and squib in the work of electric heating pipes

- Mar 28, 2019-

First, the reason for the noise:

       1. The magnesium oxide powder serving as insulation and heat conduction in the electric heating tube is filled without being compacted and has a gap, and the electric current is generated when the electric current passes, causing resonance;

       2, the cause of thermal expansion and contraction, can increase the structural strength to change;

       3. The power load per unit area is too high.

       Second, the main reasons for the explosion:

       1. There is a problem with the welding quality of the pipe, and the pipe is fired at the weld;

       2. The surface load of the heating tube is large and the power is too high, which may cause the tube to burst;

       3, internal filling, poor packaging, the purity of magnesium oxide is not enough or does not reach the required temperature caused by heat accumulation and burst;

       4. The wall thickness of the electric heating tube is too thin;

       5, water burning tube empty burning, etc.;

       6. The surface area of the electric heating tube is polycondensed or carbide.