Ceramic band heater

- Mar 28, 2019-

Ceramic band heater has a wide range of functions and plays an important role in explosion-proof or ordinary occasions, thus creating extremely convenient living conditions for people. It is particularly good in comprehensive thermal power performance and can meet the quality of modern people. Pursuit makes people's lives better. The ceramic heating coil has less heat loss and higher thermal power level, which can reach more than 90%. The preheating time required for the screw extruder can be reduced from 2 to 2.5 hours to 40 minutes, and the power level is greatly increased. Ceramic heating coils have low raw material costs and are light in weight.


The heat generated by the stainless steel electric heating tube will decrease accordingly. When heating some adhesives and other materials, such as sodium, stearic acid, paraffin, etc., the power supply voltage is reduced when heating starts, and the heat generation of the stainless steel electric heating tube is reduced. When it becomes a liquid, it is raised to the rated voltage for heating. The stainless steel electric heating tube should be specially paid attention to the heating medium.