Characteristics of cartridge heaters

- Mar 18, 2019-

In the late nineties, heating element began to be widely used in various applications with various shapes. The southern people named it single end cartridge heater for those with wire coming out from one end. While in other countries, it is called cartridge heater for round tubular heaters with one end blocked. Both names are very vivid.

Cartridge heater is suitable for working in heating environment which can not allow wire connection on both ends. For example, various moulds and insertion type heating in machines, including dies, molds, medical equipments, plastic sealing machines, smoker machines, etc.

Characteristics of cartridge heater:

1. Good thermal efficiency, heat evenly

2. High temperature resistant and corrosion resistant

3. High safety performance

4. Long lifespan

Advantages of cartridge heater

1. Smaller diameter: 6mm-25mm

2. Longer length: 30-2000mm

3. Higher surface load: 30w/cm²utmost