Characteristics of pipeline electric heater

- May 22, 2019-

It is used as an electric heating device for heating pipes or their internal media. The utility model comprises a single-chip microcomputer and a temperature sensor and comprises a temperature control unit, and further comprises two bush-shaped metal inner shells, wherein the inner wall surfaces of the two metal inner shells are respectively fixed with an electric heating tube; and two of the heat-conducting materials are used for fitting in the pipeline. The upper bearing-shaped heat-conducting layer is formed, and the outer wall surface of the formed heat-conducting layer is adhered to the inner wall surface of the two metal inner shells; and the bearing-shaped forming heat-insulating layer is adhered to the outer wall surface of the two metal inner shells, and the outer surface of the two heat-insulating layer is formed. Two bearing shells are provided thereon; and there is also a fixing member for engaging the above heating assembly on the pipe. The invention has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, convenient installation and disassembly, and is widely applicable to various pipeline heating occasions.

Application range Widely used in steam heating of water systems such as heating, factory process water, power plant raw water, air conditioning heating, etc.