Characteristics of single-head heating tube

- Mar 29, 2019-

●Characteristics of single-head heating tube electric heating tube: long life

The spiral electric heating wire is surrounded by dense insulating and heat-conductive filler, and is isolated from the external connection. The electric heating tube end has sealing material. Therefore, the spiral heating wire is not easy to be oxidized, and the service life is very long. Under normal and reasonable design and manufacture and use. Its life span can be more than ten years

●Characteristics of single-head heating tube electric heating tube: high mechanical strength

The electric heating tube sheath tube is made of a seamless metal tube, so it has sufficient mechanical strength. On the other hand, the spiral heating wire and the insulating filler are tightly compressed in the metal tube, and the density is above 339/cm3, no relative Displacement, so it can withstand shock and vibration, and still maintain its original performance under vibration conditions. Resistance to foreign machinery is strong.

●Electric heating tube features three: high efficiency

Since the electric heating tube has no surface on the surface under the condition of electric heating, it can be directly placed in the object to be heated. For example, when the liquid is heated, the tubular electric heating element is directly placed in the liquid, and the heat generated by the electric heating unit is completely absorbed by the liquid. Its thermal efficiency can sometimes reach more than 90%.

●Electric heating tube features four: power saving

Since the electric heating tube almost directly heats the object to be heated, its efficiency is high, so that the power it consumes is relatively low. For example, when heating a saltpeter tank, the power required for internal heating using an electric heating tube can be reduced by 40%.

●Features of electric heating tube 5: simple structure, low material consumption and low cost

The electric heating tube has a simple structure, and the alloy heating wire used is not easy to be oxidized, and the surface load of the electric heating wire can be selected to be large, so that a small cross-section electric heating wire can be used, which greatly reduces the heating wire material. On the other hand, since the heating wire has a metal sheath on the outside and is densely embedded in the filler without relative displacement, it is possible to use a brittle iron-based alloy wire instead of the nickel-based alloy wire, thus saving A lot of rare metals. Reduced product costs and investment costs.

●Electric heating tube features six: safe to use

The filler is made of a well-insulated thermal conductive material, which also has good electrical properties under high temperature operation and high safety.

●Electric heating tube features seven: can be bent into various shapes

The electric heating tube is produced by straight pipe at the time of manufacture, and can be bent into various desired shapes after being manufactured. (Common such as: U-shaped electric heating tube, W-type electric heating tube, etc.)

●Characteristics of electric heating tube: easy to disassemble

Since the electric heating tube is a separate component, it is easy to replace when damage occurs during use.

Through the above introduction, we have learned the characteristics of electric heating tubes. Is it urgent to use electric heating tubes in your industrial equipment? If you need to design industrial electric heating tubes, you can contact our customer service.