Choose the right stainless steel electric heating tube method

- Jun 25, 2019-

The choice of electric heating pipe is very important. How to choose according to power? In the long-term work practice, I have summarized the following aspects:

1. Power selection considerations The calculation of power selection should consider the following three items: (1) From the initial state, the heating medium to the set temperature (operating temperature) is required according to the specified time; (2) Under working conditions, the heat is sufficient to maintain the medium temperature; (3) There should be a certain safety margin, generally 1.2. Obviously, the larger the power selected from points (1) and (2), multiplied by the safety margin is the power that should be selected. 2, the calculation of the required power from the initial state of heating (1) static fluid heating (2) flowing fluid heating (3) air duct heater atmospheric air heating in the above three types of P meter - the required power (KW); Q 散—The amount of heat dissipated (KW) of the container at the set temperature; where: C1 — the specific heat of the heated medium. (Kcal / (kg · ° C) C2 - specific heat of the container (system). (Kcal / (kg · ° C) M1 - mass of the heated medium. (Kg); M2 - container (system) mass (Kg); ΔT - Set the difference between the temperature and the initial temperature. (°C); t — the time specified from the initial temperature to heat the medium to the set temperature. (h); F — the flow rate of the heating medium (usually the maximum flow rate). (m / Min);S — heat dissipation area. (m2) ;q loss—(heat preservation) The amount of heat loss per unit area of the material at the set temperature. (Kwh/m ) 3. Calculation of the power required to maintain the medium temperature : P dimension - the electric heater needs to maintain the medium temperature. (KW) M1 increase - the mass of the medium increased per hour. (Kg / h)