Classification and working principle of heating pipes

- Aug 28, 2019-

Type of heating tube

1. According to the outlet mode, it can be divided into single-head electric heating tube and double-head electric heating tube.

2, according to the material classification, can be divided into stainless steel electric heating tube, quartz electric heating tube, Teflon electric heating tube, titanium electric heating tube.

3, according to the shape classification, can be divided into straight heating tube, U-shaped heating tube, L-shaped heating tube, W-type electric heating tube, fin electric heating tube, special-shaped electric heating tube.

4, according to the purpose of classification, can be divided into dry burning heating tube and water burning electric heating tube.

5, according to the heating method classification, can be divided into resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, electron beam heating, infrared heating, medium heating and so on.

Heating pipe

How different heating tubes work

First, the arc heating method can also be divided into two types, namely direct heating and indirect heating.

Second, the electric heating plate heated by the arc utilizes the action of the arc to generate a high temperature to heat the object to be heated.

Third, infrared heating is the use of electromagnetic radiation heat transfer principle, heating in a direct manner to achieve the role of heating objects, thereby avoiding energy loss caused by heating media.

Fourth, the main reason for induction heating is that the induced current in the alternating electromagnetic field, that is, the eddy current we usually say, will form a thermal effect to promote the heat generated by the conductor.

5. The electric heating tube that uses resistance heating mainly converts the electric energy into heat energy through the Joule effect generated by the current, and has achieved the purpose of heating. Now we have divided the heating plate using resistance heating into direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating.