Common causes of electric heating tubes

- Jul 15, 2019-

Fault one, the resistance wire is blown

Cause: A, electric heating tube burned to cause short circuit; B, electric heating tube lead wire or lead wire off caused short circuit; C, resistance wire diameter is too small, insufficient capacity; D, electric heating socket accumulated dirt or carbonization caused short circuit; E, power cord plug Short circuit with electric hot socket;

Solution: A, replace the heating tube; B, re-weld; C, replace the appropriate resistance wire electric heating tube, under normal circumstances, the iron chromium aluminum resistance wire can be used. D. Remove dirt, repair or replace parts; E, repair or replace the power plug or electric socket;

Fault 2, no fever

Reason: A. For the adjustable temperature control heating tube, the contact of the temperature controller is poorly contacted or melted and disengaged. B, the power supply is abnormal or power failure; C, the resistance wire has been blown; D, the power cord plug and the electric socket are in poor contact, or the power line wire is broken; E, the electric heating tube has been burned; F, the electric heating tube lead or the lead wire is off;

Solution: A, the heating pipe is not easy to repair, it is recommended to replace; B, after the power supply is normal; C, the heating pipe is scrapped, re-production and installation of the same type of resistance wire; D, check the line for repair or replacement; E, replace the installation Specification electric heating tube; F, re-welding lead or lead;

Fault three, leakage

Reason: A, the circuit wire falls off and the cup body collides; B, the electric heating tube burns out and the cup body is short-circuited; C, the ground wire is not connected; D, the electric heating socket or the power plug has too much dirt; E, the electric heating pipe insulation is damaged; F, improper cleaning, moisture is exposed into the cup;

Solution: A, check off the wire, re-solder; B, the electric heating tube has been damaged and replace the same specification electric heating tube; C, connect the ground wire as required and check whether it is correct; D, correct cleaning and drying; E, inspection If there is such an event, it is recommended to replace it; F, clean and dry properly;