Confirmation of the resistance of the heating pipe

- Jul 02, 2019-

The most important part of the heating tube work is the work of the heating wire. The quality of the heating wire determines the quality of the heating tube. The research of the electric heating wire is to study the resistance value of the electric heating wire to determine the power of the electric heating tube. The resistance of the electric heating tube is fixed, and the different working voltages are applied, and the effects of different electric heating tubes are generated, and the thermal effect is also the same. Generally, the smaller the resistance, the larger the wire diameter of the resistance wire, and the larger the current through which the resistance wire passes when the voltage is fixed. When the current passing exceeds the load of the resistance wire, it is prone to breakage and damage, and the data indicates the heating tube. The resistance is not as small as possible, and the appropriate resistance wire should be selected according to the actual situation and to ensure normal use.

The heating pipe resistance value is confirmed 2 points:

1. Determine the rated voltage and rated power to determine the resistance. By formula: voltage * voltage / power = resistance.

2, the surface load of the heating wire is not exceeded, generally not more than 1.5w / cm2;

When selecting the electric resistance tube production value, it is mainly based on the rated voltage and rated power provided by the customer. At the same time, we must also consider the bearing capacity of the surface resistance of the electric resistance wire. Thereby ensuring the service life of the electric heating pipe.