Consequences of immersion water heater dry burning

- Apr 20, 2019-

Dry burning refers to a heating state in which there is no water or water in the water tank when the electric heater is heated to a certain amount or less. Dry burning is not a set working state, it is an accident of system operation, that is, a fault state, and the continuation of this state will lead to more serious consequences.

At present, electric heaters on the market are generally equipped with various temperature controllers or thermal protectors. This accessory allows the heated water to open the circuit and stop heating after the test point temperature reaches the set value; the device will also automatically close when the water temperature at the test point drops to the lower limit. When the electric heater is "dry-burned" in the water tank, the high-temperature heat generated by the electric heater is transmitted to the connection portion of the water tank for repeated heating, which will damage the sealing ring (pad), the insulation layer and the water tank. Compared with most "hot fast" electric heating, a fully cast aluminum electric heater with a heating element and a sealing surface die-casting rises faster and higher during the dry burning and the junction of the water tank. It quickly accelerates the aging of the seal and is more harmful.

After the electric heater is inserted into the water heater tank, it becomes a water storage type electric water heater. The long-term application of storage-type electric water heaters has formed a complete production technology management system and implementation standards. In addition to the thermostat with automatic reset, this type of storage type electric water heater must be equipped with a non-automatic reset device specially designed to prevent dry burning. When the water heated in the water heater is less than a certain amount, the non-automatic resetter will forcibly disconnect the circuit and terminate the heating, which prevents the serious consequences of the dry burn accident.