Correct selection of hot runner product series

- Jun 28, 2019-

Hot runner suppliers often make their hot runner components into a product line, depending on the size and weight of the finished part. For example, large plastic parts are processed using large-sized nozzles, and small plastic parts are processed with small-sized nozzles. Therefore, after the user selects the hot runner type correctly (whether it is a hot tip or a valve system), it is the choice of the hot runner product line. And thus determine the structural size and design of the mold. If the hot runner product line is not selected correctly, it will be discovered in the later stages of mold processing or in the production of plastic parts. The error is very serious and difficult to save. To help you properly select the hot runner product line, each hot runner temperature control box supplier has some instructive technical documentation for reference. Users should work closely with hot runner suppliers to select a hot runner product line.