Creative value of the heating tube

- Jul 26, 2019-

With the increasing number of heating pipes and electric heating pipe enterprises, the competition of domestic heating pipe enterprises is also constantly upgrading. Nowadays, the scope of heating pipe enterprises must include market research, product development or improvement, manufacturing, sales, After-sales service until the whole process of recycling, involving the entire life cycle of the heat pipe products, always pay attention to the concept of serving customers all the way, all-round. Under the same product quality conditions, who can do more in the after-sales service, to a certain extent, determines who can win more market share. At the same time, whether it is to improve quality, increase prices, or adopt trade protection measures, take a diversified route, and increase the value-added road, all aim to enhance their influence and status in the heat pipe market.

         In recent years, the country's investment in industrial industries, electrical appliances, and automobiles has been increasing, and it has gradually driven the development of related heating pipe industries, making the heating pipe enterprises a good applause. At the same time, we must also clearly understand that the guaranteed growth of the entire industry does not mean that all the heating pipe companies can be safe. In order to meet the needs of the industry growth, domestic heating pipe enterprises must actively adjust the product structure and achieve strategic transformation. Starting from the direction of specialization, clustering and grouping, we will explore the creative value of enterprises and gradually develop into brand advantages to achieve different market occupations in different fields of low, medium and high.