Detecting defects in electric heating pipes

- Aug 02, 2019-

Electric heating pipes have a wide range of applications, and they have many applications in industrial heating equipment and civil heating appliances such as medical, metallurgical machinery, chemical, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, and glass. For the current variety of electric heating tubes, we have not known what kind of materials and brands of electric heating tubes.

Now let's introduce the main advantages and disadvantages of two different electric heating tubes. First of all, the current market is more common in an electric heating tube, iron chromium aluminum alloy series electric heating tube, iron chromium aluminum electrothermal alloy, its use temperature is high, the maximum operating temperature can reach 1400 degrees, long service life, high surface load, good oxidation resistance High resistivity, low price, etc. Disadvantages: Mainly due to low temperature strength, plasticity increases with increasing use temperature, components are easily deformed, and are not easily bent and repaired.

For the factory-made electric heating pipe, it must be tested by relevant technology, and it can only be allowed to leave the factory after being tested by the electric heating tube. Therefore, the detection of electric heating pipes is the best guarantee for the information and brand of electric heating pipes. For electric heating pipe products, the quality of electric heating pipe products can only be guaranteed if the quality inspection is strictly controlled. For the detection of electric heating pipes, the state has relevant regulations.