Direct heating of the pipeline heater

- Apr 16, 2019-

Direct heating (internal heating) is to heat the heat transfer oil by inserting the flanged tubular electric heating element inside the pipeline heater into the reactor jacket in the pipeline heater, and transferring the heat energy in the pipeline heater to the internal reaction of the pipeline heater. The chemical raw material in the kettle; or directly inserted into the tubular electric heating element in the pipeline heater or uniformly distributed around the wall of the pipeline heater in the reactor in the pipeline heater. This mode is called the internal heat of the duct heater. The internal heating of the pipeline heater is fast and efficient.

        The pipeline heater is a reactor heater for the internal system of the new generation of pipeline heaters. The pipeline heater uses electric heating combined with far-infrared technology to evenly dissipate heat into the kettle in the pipeline heater. The pipeline heater saves the production cost by more than 30% than the original heat transfer oil and steam heating; the temperature control system of the pipeline heater uses the thyristor in the pipeline heater as the main component plus the computer interface, and the pipeline heater uses the computer to analyze Control the temperature difference to make the operator of the pipeline heater easier, and the far infrared in the pipeline heater promotes blood circulation, which is beneficial to the human body. In the environment of energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection, the development of pipeline heaters is also expanding. Many large chemical units at home and abroad are replacing heat transfer oil and steam heating into far infrared heating.