Discrimination of high quality and inferior quality of electric heating tube

- Mar 26, 2019-

1. The instrument is not around

Wipe the surface of the heating tube first, then turn on the AC 220V power supply, dry it in the air, turn off the surface after it turns red, and wait until the electric heating tube is completely cooled. Then wipe it with a napkin. There should be no black oxidized powder on the white paper (not with air). The oxygen reaction in the) indicates that the electric heating tube is a high-quality electric heating tube.

2. Manufacturer's choice

 Choosing a brand of electric heating pipe manufacturers, a well-known brand is a kind of trust is a kind of security guarantee, big manufacturers are very focused on the brand focus on quality, have strict supervision quality inspection department, Detai is leading in the industry Status, you can log in to our corporate website to buy directly or consult our sales staff to customize.

3. Electric heating tube use selection

 The choice of the use of electric heating pipes depends on where you use them. The current electric heating pipes are too many and widely used because of their simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, easy installation, no pollution, and use. Long life (normally more than 10,000 hours) and other characteristics. It is widely used in all kinds of saltpet tanks, water tanks, oil tanks, acid and alkali tanks, fusible metal melting furnaces, air heating furnaces, drying furnaces, drying ovens, hot stamping and other devices.