Double-head electric heating tube use environment

- Jul 11, 2019-

According to the use environment, it can be used in air, acid and alkali, gas use, sealing materials, process factors and pipe wiring.


Closed air heating, circulating air heating, and special gas heating used in the air. Heating in water, heating in oil, heating in acid-base liquid (heating zone of electric heating tube should be immersed in air and not exposed). The watt density and material used are different and should not be confused. The good use environment should not produce skin, thin, dust, oil, water and so on.


Acid, alkali and gas use copper tube for general neutral environment, SUS304#316 tube, Incoloy nickel alloy tube for weak acid and weak alkali environment, Ti titanium alloy tube for medium acid and alkali environment, strong acid and alkali environment, quartz, Teflon Teflon tube, Incoloy nickel alloy tube, SUS316# tube for 900°C environment, SUS304# tube for 700°C environment, Ti titanium alloy tube for 650°C environment, Cu copper tube for 300°C environment, Teflon for 110°C environment Teflon tube. Due to the wide variety of heated gases, liquids and a wide range of applications, please consult a professional who is familiar with chemical characteristics before use.