Electric heater internal system failure hazard and preventive measures

- Jun 30, 2019-

Electric heaters are widely used in the processing of equipment in the machinery industry. They are familiar with automatic packaging machines, bag making machines, etc. They all require electric heaters for product packaging and processing. Of course, electric heaters may also malfunction during use, and short circuits such as blows and electric heater internal systems are particularly common.

Once the electric heater has a short circuit fault in the internal system, if it is not eliminated in time, the quality and use of the product cannot be guaranteed, and even the internal system of the electric heater is damaged, causing serious damage. Therefore, we must find a way to avoid the internal system failure of the electric heater.

The electric heater is generally controlled by the contact of the temperature control instrument to control the internal AC power supply to be turned on and off. When the electric heater temperature is lower than the set temperature, its temperature controls the contact of the instrument to be turned on, and the temperature rises; When the temperature of the electric heater is higher than the set temperature, the contact of the temperature control instrument is disconnected and the temperature is lowered to ensure that the electric heater operates within a certain temperature range.

If the electric heater is blown out, the operator cannot judge whether the electric heater is normally powered off due to the temperature rise, or the electric heater is powered off due to the heater disconnection failure. Due to the thermal inertia of the heater, the temperature inside the electric heater needs to be delayed for a certain period of time, so that when the electric heater operator finds that the product is unqualified, it has caused waste and the product quality is affected.

In this regard, an electric disconnector detection device should be provided for the electric heater, which can effectively recognize the temperature rise heater disconnection and the electric heater open circuit failure, thereby making correct and timely countermeasures and reducing unnecessary failures and losses.