Electric heating pipe bending method

- Apr 28, 2019-

(1) The electric heating pipe cuts out the exposed length of the rod according to the requirements of the production order, and chamfers the broken thread to the damaged thread, and chamfers 0.5×45° to ensure that the thread can be smoothly screwed in with it;


(2). According to the drawing or sample bending, the appearance of the electric heating tube shall not have obvious mechanical scratches or local expansion, and there shall be no wrinkles or irregularities in the curved portion;


(3). If the bending radius is less than 3 times the pipe diameter and is not annealed, the pipe weld direction should be ensured to be inward R (not easy to break);


(4). Self-inspection is the main, the inspector first inspection and random inspection.


Tool clamps and equipment: pipe clamps, pipe bending machines, hydraulic presses, punching machines, grinders, calipers, universal angle gauges, tape measures.