Electric heating tube assembly introduction

- Jun 12, 2019-

The electric heating tube is made of a metal tube, and the spiral electric heating alloy wire is evenly distributed along the central axis of the tube. The gap is filled with magnesia sand having good insulation and thermal conductivity, and the ends of the nozzle are sealed with a silicone rubber. The metal armored electric heating element is used. It can heat air, metal molds and various liquids.

    The electric heating tube assembly is filled with magnesium oxide powder with high temperature resistance, insulation and thermal conductivity on the powder feeding machine, and then formed by shrinking on the shrinking machine. It can be used alone or as a heater. It has far infrared heating function. Metal tubular electric heating elements are used in electric ovens, as well as far infrared heating plates and heating plates. The spiral electric heating alloy wire is used as the heating material, and the outer bread is coated with the insulating material such as PVC or silicon rubber to form the electric heating wire, and the coating of the insulating layer is realized on the extrusion machine in the production.

    The electric heating tube assembly is the most widely used sealed electric heating element with simple structure, reliable performance and long service life, and can be successfully applied to industrial and household appliances, and is used more and more widely. I hope more users have a clear understanding of the structural principle of the electric heating tube.