Electric heating tube purchase details

- Apr 22, 2019-

First of all, you need to understand its heat resistance: the component should withstand 1000 cycles of heat resistance test under the specified test conditions and test voltage without damage; under the test voltage, the component rises from ambient temperature to test. The temperature time should be no more than 15min; there is the rated power deviation: under the condition of sufficient heat, the deviation of the rated power of the component should not exceed the range specified below; for components with rated power less than or equal to 100W: ±10%. For components with rated power greater than 100W, it is +5%~-10% or 10W, whichever is the larger value; Insulation resistance is also very important part: cold insulation resistance should be no less than 50MΩ after factory inspection, after sealing test The insulation resistance after long-term storage or use shall not exceed MΩ. The thermal insulation resistance at the working temperature shall not be lower than the calculated value in the formula, but the minimum shall be not less than 1MΩ; the final is the insulation withstand strength: the component shall be specified The test conditions and the test voltage were maintained for 1 min without flashover and breakdown.