Electric heating tube sealing material introduction

- Mar 22, 2019-

In order to ensure the product performance of tubular heating elements, Detai is very cautious in the selection of raw materials for production. The selection of temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes to resistance wires, magnesium oxide powders and sealing materials is strictly regulated.

Here Detai engineers came to talk to you about how to choose sealing materials in production.

The function of the sealing material is to prevent the moisture in the atmosphere from entering the magnesium oxide powder from the nozzle, so that the magnesium oxide powder is damp, the insulation performance is lowered, and the electric heating tube is leaked and fails. The modified magnesium oxide powder may not be sealed. The materials used for the sealing of electric heating pipes (moisture proof) are mainly glass, epoxy resin, silicone oil and the like. In the electric heating tube sealed with silicone oil, after heating, the silicone oil in the nozzle portion is volatilized by heat, and the insulation of the electric heating tube is lowered. The temperature resistance of the epoxy resin material is not high, and it cannot be used in a high-temperature electric heating tube such as a grill or a microwave oven having a high nozzle temperature.

Glass has a higher temperature resistance, but the price is higher, and more is used for the sealing of high temperature pipes.

In addition, there are silicone tube, silicone sleeve, porcelain beads, plastic insulators and other components in the nozzle part, mainly to increase the electrical clearance and creepage distance between the lead rod and the metal wall of the nozzle. Silicone rubber acts as a filler and bond.

The selection of each production material must be strictly in accordance with the regulations, in order to provide the best guarantee for the overall quality of the electric heating tube. Detai heating elements are not only strictly selected, but also the quality management of the production process is worthy of trust.