Electroplating heating tube installation

- Jun 07, 2019-


1. The electroplating heating tube is generally distributed along the length (or width) of the groove, and is evenly distributed on the side (or both sides) of the workpiece when it is operated. It is installed by the groove wall, and can be placed in the electrode plate in the electrolytic cell. Between the walls of the tank.

2, the electroplating heating tube can be fixed by the groove side, the groove wall is fixed, the pole is suspended, and the like, and the connecting plate is supported by the connecting plate and the bolt is fastened.

3. Pay attention to the three-phase balance when wiring. Do not connect the 220V or 380V power supply.

4. Safety grounding, through the leakage switch.

5, the heating pipe should be kept at a certain distance between each other, if they are close to each other, it is easy to overheat and burn out.