Fault analysis and remedy for electric heaters in operation

- Jul 13, 2019-

1. If it is found that there is leakage at the inlet and outlet flanges of the electric heater, it is likely that the sealing gasket has been damaged. At this time, the sealing gasket should be replaced to solve the leakage phenomenon;

2. If the electric heater system fails to start normally, it may be caused by two reasons:

(1) It may be caused by the emergency stop button of the control cabinet not being reset. At this time, the emergency stop button is needed to reset the reset;

(2) It may be caused by a chain of errors in the chain contact. At this time, it is necessary to find out the wrong chain of electric shock and return to normal.

3. If the device ammeter reading is out of phase or there is an imbalance, there are three reasons:

(1) The pointer of the ammeter is not flexible, and it can be repaired by repairing the current meter or directly replacing it;

(2) When the circuit breaker of the equipment is closed, there is no phase loss. At this time, the circuit breaker should be replaced to repair it;

(3) The thyristor module or the fuse is damaged. At this time, the thyristor module and the fuse can be directly replaced for repair.