Feasibility analysis of electric heating tube product design

- Apr 22, 2019-

1. Review and estimation of major technical indicators

The main technical indicators referred to here include the environmental system parameters of the component work, and the calculation of the main design parameters of the components, such as the calculation of the effective heating area, the area load of the effective heating zone, and the temperature estimation of the working state of the tube. For the above content, it can be judged according to conventional experience whether the product has design feasibility.

2. Feasibility analysis of main processes and materials

Does the coordination of the process characteristics and material characteristics in the production process of the predetermined reference design meet the conditions, for example: Does the design of the tubular design require R to satisfy the properties of the material? Or, if the process involves surface treatment, can the tube meet the various physical and chemical reactions in the treatment process? The determination of these factors is the preparatory work for the specific development of the design steps.

3. The preliminary examination and approval of the product shape design must have a certain comprehensive review process for preparing the shape and structure of the product.

1 Review whether the requirements of various assembly conditions are met;

2 should consider whether it has contradictory requirements for safety requirements;

3 To fully review whether the shape structure meets the requirements of the customer,

4 Consider whether there are areas for improvement in their products.