Find out heaters with high quality and long lifespan

- Mar 20, 2019-

Nowadays more and more heating elements from different factories and areas are coming into market. Facing so many choices, how can customers choose heaters with better quality and longer lifespan? As a 23 years’ professional heating element manufacturer, Detai recommends you to take the following factors into account while purchasing.

1. Heat resistance

Heating element should be able to undertake 1000 times circular heat resistance test under specified test condition and test volt, and will not break.

2. Heating time

Under test volt, rising time from environment temperature to test temperature should be less than 15 minutes.

3. Rated power tolerance

If the element is sufficiently heated, the rated power tolerance should not exceed the following scope.

If rated power is less than 100w, the tolerance is ±10%.

For element with rated power more than 100w, the tolerance is +5% ~ -10% or ±10w, whichever is bigger  

4. Current leakage

Under normal temperature and after test of water pressure and seal, current leakage should not exceed 0.5mA.  I=1/6(tT×0.00001) I refers to current leakage(mA), t is heating length(mm) and T is working temperature(℃).

5. Insulation resistance

Under normal temperature, the resistance should be not less than 50MΩ.

6. insulation strength

The element should have no flashover and breakdown for 1 minute under specified test condition with set test volt.

7. Capability of on-off

Under test environment, heating element should pass 2000 times’ on-off test without damage occurs.

8. Overload

Under test condition, heater should be able to pass 30 times’ continuous overload test and will not damage.