Finned electric heating tube structure

- Apr 29, 2019-

Finned electric heating tube structure: The fin electric heating tube is made of high quality stainless steel, modified yttrium oxide powder, high resistance electrothermal alloy wire, stainless steel heat sink and other materials. It is made through production equipment and technology, and has strict quality management. The finned electric heating tube can be installed in a blowing duct or other stationary, flowing air heating occasion. Characteristics and application of finned electric heating tube: The internal control system of the finned electric heating tube automatically adjusts the output power of the finned electric heating tube according to the temperature sensor signal of the output port, so that the medium temperature of the output port is uniform. Under the same power conditions, it has the advantages of fast temperature rise, uniform heat generation, good heat dissipation performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life, small size of heating device and low cost. According to user requirements, the design is reasonable and easy to install. Fin electric heating tubes are widely used in industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, home appliances and other industries, especially in the air curtain air curtain industry.