Finned heating element

- May 01, 2019-

The finned heating elementis made of metal pipe (including stainless steel, carbon steel), and the electric heating alloy wire (nickel chrome, iron chrome alloy) is uniformly distributed along the central axis of the pipe. The gap is filled and compacted with good thermal conductivity. The ends of the nozzle are sealed with silicone and the thread is fastened. At the same time, the metal heat sink (non-steel sheet, iron sheet) is wound on the surface of the electric heating tube. The structure has high surface load characteristics of the heating tube, high heat transfer efficiency of the stainless steel fin (heat sink), and good temperature resistance. The combination of advantages allows the heater to emit more concentrated energy in a shorter period of time. The heat sink tube is widely used in the heating of static flowing air. In the fields of machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, food, spraying, air conditioning, etc., it is used for hot air, wind ventilation, drying room and heating. It is also widely used in various high and low voltage switchgear cabinets, ring network cabinets, terminal boxes, Power equipment such as box-type substations are protected from moisture and dehumidification