Four major schools of water heaters

- May 06, 2019-

In the instant electric water heater, its four major schools mainly refer to four different heating technologies. The four major schools mainly refer to the "metal tube" genre, the "glass tube" genre, the "cast aluminum" genre and the "semiconductor". Ceramic" genre.

1. Metal tube:

It mainly refers to the main heating element of the water heater is made of metal. The materials for making the metal heating tube on the market mainly include stainless steel, copper, etc. Among them, the copper material has good ductility, so it can make a seamless copper tube. At the same time, its thermal conductivity is also very strong, and it can prevent leakage and leakage during use. However, the cost of using a copper water heater will be relatively higher, so most companies use stainless steel directly. A heat pipe made of material. The metal heating tube is the most used one. Although its advantages are outstanding, it can not avoid the structural problems when it is used, so it is easy to bring hidden troubles of leakage and water leakage.

2. Glass tube:

The non-metallic heating tube on the market is mainly made of three materials: crystal, glass and ceramic. The advantage of the glass tube is that the resistive film is applied to the outer wall of the glass tube. When the water flows through the glass tube, the water and electricity will be sufficient. Separation is achieved, so that the safety performance can be more guaranteed. However, the heat-generating tube made of glass type material has poor thermal conductivity, so it is easy to cause waste of heat during heating, and it is extremely cold and extremely hot. In this case, it is also easy to cause the glass tube to burst.

3. Cast aluminum tube:

The cast aluminum tube can completely separate the water path and the heating element during use, and the water gradually increases in the flow in the pipeline, effectively avoiding the scale problem easily caused by the high temperature hydrostatic heating, so that no scale is generated when used. Then, the service life of the heating tube is also effectively extended. The disadvantage of the cast aluminum tube is that the heating element is heavy, and the manufacturing process is complicated and the production cost is high, so it has not been widely promoted.

4. Ceramic tube:

In the course of use, the ceramic tube completely solves the problem of fire caused by dry burning. Through tube heat exchange, it can also realize permanent isolation of water and electricity, the water flow pipe and ceramic are completely separated, and the smoothness of the water pipe is higher, so there is no explosion. Tube and water leaks. However, the ceramic tube is slower when it is just started to heat up during use, and the heating tube of this material is also more expensive to manufacture.