General treatment of electric heating pipes for air heating

- May 30, 2019-

1. If the leakage current of the ceramic electric heating tube itself is greater than the conventional value, we suggest to communicate with the company to replace it, so as not to affect the use effect, such as drying the hot water for the junction box, such as wrapping the wire with a tape or replacing the wire. Just fine.

2. The electric heating tube is not energized when it is energized. Generally, the heating wire inside the ceramic tube is generated by the instantaneous high-current impact fracture. For this situation, we recommend that the customer must strictly observe the use of the product when using it. If it happens in the unavoidable situation, you can contact our company to replace the corresponding product, because this kind of electric heat pipe can not be repaired and can only be replaced; if the line or joint is broken or loosely connected.

3. For the electric heating tube to rupture or break, only replace it.

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