Heating element factory standard

- Jun 18, 2019-

1. Inspection of the appearance of the electric heating tube

The metal pipe of the electric heating pipe shall not have obvious scratches or local expansion, and there shall be no wrinkles or irregularities in the curved portion; the coating, electroplating layer, metal or non-metal spray coating, and aluminized layer shall be even and firm, and there shall be no air bubbles or peeling off. Or local accumulation and other phenomena; there are also inspection of the size deviation of the electric heating tube;

2, rated power measurement

The measured rated power is determined by measuring the cold resistance.

3, cold insulation resistance measurement

The cold insulation resistance should be no less than 50MΩ.

4, cold insulation withstand voltage test

The withstand voltage was tested according to the customer's specifications, and there was no flashover and breakdown in 1 min. The normal insulation withstand voltage is 1300V, 1600V withstand voltage, and the high required insulation withstand voltage is 2400V.

5, water pressure test

The components used to heat the liquid and the joints installed below the liquid level shall be able to withstand a hydrostatic pressure test of 0.5 Mpa for 5 min without leakage. For components with a pressure above 0.1Mpa, the hydraulic pressure test must be carried out for 30 minutes. There should be no leakage, no visual discernability or deformation affecting performance. The test pressure should be greater than or equal to 1.25 times the design pressure, and Less than 0.5Mpa.

6. The final step is the package inspection.

The factory standard of electric heating pipe is tested by these parameters. After receiving the goods, the customer can also test according to the above 6 points!