History of electric heaters

- Jul 09, 2019-

The development of electric heaters, like other industries, follows these rules:

1. Gradually promote from advanced countries to countries around the world.

2. Gradually develop from urban to rural areas.

3. From collective use to family and then to individuals.

4. The product has developed from low grade to high grade.


The electric heaters produced in the 19th century were mostly poor. The earliest appeared electric heaters for life. In 1893, the prototype of the electric consolation appeared and used in the United States. Then, in 1909, the use of electric stoves appeared. An electric heater is placed in the stove, that is, the heat is transferred from the firewood to the electrical, that is, from electrical energy to thermal energy. However, the rapid development of the real electric heater industry is after the invention of the nickel-chromium alloy used as an electric heating element. In 1910, the United States first developed an electric heater made of nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire, which fundamentally improved the structure of the electric heater, and the use of the heater quickly became popular. By 1925, a product in which electric heating elements were installed in a pot in Japan became the prototype of a modern electric heater. At this stage, there are also electric heating products such as laboratory electric furnaces, melting furnaces, and heaters. From 1910 to 1925, it was a large development stage in the history of electric heaters. In the family and industry, the emergence and popularization of various varieties have been rapidly developed, especially in the family. Therefore, the invention of nickel-chromium alloy laid the foundation for the development of electric heater industry.

Since the 1920s, there has been no new period of application development, but all kinds of electric heaters have been re-set and improved in this stage, which has become a stage of improvement in the history of electric heaters. In the case of household electric heaters, the various appliances are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing, durable and sturdy, and most have automatic temperature and time control, so they are unsuitable, durable and sturdy, and most have automatic temperature and Time control, so the possibility of using illegal, temperature inconsistency and disasters can be waived. Like electric cookers, baking pans, pancakes, etc. have automatic control. At the same time, the manufacturing materials are also improved, such as the use of A-grade nickel-chromium wire of good quality, using magnesium oxide or zirconium oxide as insulator. In the industrial aspect, as with household heating appliances, the use of automatic control devices and the use of good materials, such as lava pots, lead melting furnaces, various large ovens, heat treatment furnaces, etc., have been generally improved and applied. After the 1940s, due to the advancement of science and technology in the United States, cheap electricity, war money, and relatively high income, the electric heaters entered the popularization stage. In 1940, the popularity of electric comfort in the United States reached a level of understanding. Before the liberation, due to the imperialist aggression and the reactionaries, the heater industry has been in a very backward state. After liberation, it has been continuously developed. Especially in recent years, it has invented and produced more types of electric heaters such as heat transfer oil heaters and heaters. The heater market has developed by leaps and bounds.