Hot runner heater

- May 24, 2019-

The hot runner heater is divided into a spring hot runner electric heating tube, a square hot runner heating tube, and a bendable hot runner electric heating tube. High-precision electric heating elements used in plastic molding, mold manufacturing and other industries, product quality are manufactured in accordance with CE standards.

The main technical parameters:

1. Product model / section:


DS1 (single head outlet round type): Φ1.6, Φ1.8, Φ2.0, Φ3.0, Φ3.3, Φ3.8, Φ5.0


DS2: (single head outlet square): 1.5*2.1, 1.7*3.5, 2*4, 2.2*4, 2.7*4.5, 4.2*6.5


DS3: (single head outlet square): 3*3, 3.5*3.5, 4*4


SS1 (double-headed round shape): Φ1.6-5.0, 6.6, 8.0, 8.5, 10.0,


SS2 (double headed square) 6*6, 8*8


2. Outer material: SS304, SS321 and other rare metal pipes.


3. Inner layer material: Ni80Cr20 heating wire, high purity magnesium oxide powder.


4. Heating element surface temperature: 750 °C.


5. Input power: 100V-400V


6. Power error (cold state): +5%-10%


7. Insulation resistance DC1000V (unheated): 100MΩ


8. Leakage current: 0.5mΩ



Imported high-purity magnesium oxide with superior heat transfer and excellent electrical properties


Hot runner heaters for high throughput, demanding injection molds


Precision processing equipment and advanced process technology, all products are heat treated at 1050 ° C, can be suitable for a variety of molds.