How are finned electric heating tubes classified according to the application?

- Jul 16, 2019-

 There are many types of finned tubes, and new varieties are constantly emerging. Finned tubes are generally classified in the following aspects in applications:


Finned tubes are classified according to the processing technology:


1. a string tube (sleeve tube);


2. Tension winding finned tube;


3. Insert tube;


4. Overall rolling finned tube;


5. Casting finned tubes;


6. Welded finned tubes, which are divided into: high-frequency welded finned tubes, submerged arc welded finned tubes, and so on. Classified by fin shape:


Square, rectangular, round finned tube;


2. Spiral finned tube;


3. Corrugated finned tube;


4. a zigzag finned tube;


5. Needle finned tube;


6. Longitudinal finned tube;


7. Overall plate finned tube (plate fin) and the like.


Finned tubes are classified by material


1. copper, Al, Cu/Al finned tube;


2. Carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel / stainless steel finned tube;


3. Cast iron (cast steel) finned tube; and so on.


Finned tubes are classified by purpose:


Finned tube for air conditioning;


Air-cooled finned tube;


Boiler: finned tube for water wall, economizer and air preheater;


Various kiln, finned tube for waste heat recovery of industrial furnace; other special purpose finned tubes;