How to avoid explosion of heating elements

- Sep 02, 2019-

Allow the item to heat up to meet processing requirements. Its characteristics are high heat conversion rate during heating and uniform heat dissipation for better heating of articles. In addition, its material makes its service life improved, which is why many people choose explosion-proof electric heating tubes.

The reason for the electric heating tube itself can be analyzed from the cause of the squib:

1. The thickness of the pipe wall is too thin, the material selection is wrong or the quality is problematic, and the seam pipe is used. The wall thickness is generally 0.8 units, and if it is too thin, it will be easily exposed to external force or damage under use.

2. Stainless steel pipes can be divided into seamed pipes and seamless pipes according to different processing forms. Pipes with a single pipe are not prone to breakage, while seamless pipes are welded with steel bars, which are relatively easy to burst. phenomenon. Generally, if the squib phenomenon occurs frequently, you can consider communicating with the manufacturer to make the thickness of the pipe wall thicker or use a seamless pipe to ensure normal use and service life.

3. If the magnesia powder inside the electric heating tube is damp, there may be a possibility of bursting. In this respect, the manufacturer needs to have perfect production technology and excellent processing technology. The products of Dongguan electric heating pipe manufacturer Huida can be purchased with confidence and quality. Guarantee.

4. The heating tube power setting is too high, the surface load is too large, and the internal temperature is too high, which easily causes the internal heating of the electric heating tube to cause the tube to burst.

5. There are many kinds of magnesium oxide powder, and the best one is the modified magnesium oxide powder with high temperature resistance. If the inferior magnesia powder is used and the stainless steel electric heating tube is working, the internal expansion of the stainless steel electric heating tube may occur, and the tube may burst.

6. The material of the outer tube of the electric heating tube may be that the wall thickness of the tube is thin, or there may be a seam tube, which causes the heating tube to be easily cracked.

7. The heating pipe used for heating may use ground water or tap water. It has more impurities and is easy to scale. The scale is too thick and too thick, which will cause the internal temperature of the electric heating pipe to be unable to spread, thus causing the electric heating tube to burst.