How to choose a good finned heating tube?

- Jul 18, 2019-

In general, finned heating tubes are widely used in many industries such as chemical industry, automobile, home appliance, industry, etc. However, the current heating tube manufacturers on the market have advantages and disadvantages, and they want to choose a good one. Simple, many times users may not choose the right product even if they spend money, so how do you choose a good finned heating tube? This is what we will introduce in detail today to help you choose the product more correctly.


Choosing a finned heating tube must be clear in the following ways:


1, type


Before choosing, we need to know the type of heating tube. At present, it is mainly divided into single-head finned heating tube, double-headed, dry-fired W-type, heat-dissipating type and so on. Only a comprehensive understanding of the types can be more reasonable to choose.


2, product use


Can be installed in the air duct, as well as other static, flowing air heating, heating oil, oil and other aspects are better.


3, product features


The heating tube has high temperature rise, uniform heat generation, low cost and long service life, can be reasonably designed according to the specific requirements of the user, and is convenient to install, so it is widely used in many industries.


4, product technology


The finned electric heating tube is a metal heat sink wound on the surface of an ordinary component, and the heat dissipation area is enlarged, and the surface power load is also increased.


5, materials and applications


Generally, it is made of relatively good stainless steel heat sink, high-resistance electric heating alloy wire, etc. The products have been widely used in machinery manufacturing, home appliances, especially air conditioners and air curtains.


All in all, the application range of finned heating tubes is extremely wide, so the choice is good for customers, and reasonable choices are very necessary. It is recommended that you must first select the materials, types and uses of the products before selecting them. All aspects are comprehensively understood, and then proceed to choose.