How to choose electric oven?

- Mar 20, 2019-

Compared to other electric home appliance, electric oven does not have much advanced technology. And it has been popular nowadays. These two make oven cheap in price. While choosing electric oven, it is not true that the more expensive the oven is, the better its quality is. Also you can not choose only by its appearance. Here are two major points you should pay attention to while buying a electric oven.

1. Inner material

After opening the door, you will see the material inside. Most ovens are made with tin plate as its wall. Oven of this material is cheap in cost but it is difficult to clean and remove the oil.

Enamel is not often heard. Actually it is also one type of inner paint layer of oven. It is easier to clean up than tin plate. Larger top grade ovens adopt this kind of material. The price is comparatively higher.

2. Heating element

Most ovens have two elements, one above and the other below. They can heat simultaneously or individually. The material of heating element directly affects how your roast tastes.

It is worthwhile to note that there are some cheap ovens in the market, which is made of quartz. Quartz heating element is cheap but easy to break in usage and does not heat well.

Metal heating element is safer and more durable among all other heaters. Some manufacturers bend the element into loops to save cost. Actually it would be better to use straight oven heating element for that heater with loops will affect the oven’s performance. Balanced heat matters a lot in roast.