How to choose the size of the electric heating band

- Apr 24, 2019-

The electric heating coil is the most common type of heater in heating equipment, and its use value cannot be compared with any other heater. The electric heating coils in small household appliances such as electric kettles, rice cookers, electric hot water cups, etc., which are generally seen, are relatively small in shape. The electric heating light in the industry is not comparable to the electric heating coils on these days. In the industry, the temperature and power requirements for heating are relatively high, and the shape of the electric heating ring and its own power are also In contrast, the larger the volume, the greater the power that can generate heat.


 The bigger the electric heating circle, the better the concept is wrong. The bigger the power plan of the electric heating circle, the better, the faster and more powerful it can be used. It is also a big mistake.


    The outer dimensions of the electric heating ring must be made according to the requirements of the electric heating device. Only in this way, the device and the electric heating device are perfectly connected, and can effectively increase the thermal conduction function between the electric heating ring and the device.


    The power of the electric heating circle should not be too large, and the optimal control of the upper and lower floats is about 3%, so that the electric heating coil is a kind of maintenance, and the equipment is also a kind of maintenance. If the power is too large, after the power is turned on, the electric heating ring will damage the internal heating wire due to excessive current, and burn it. Once the electric wire is burned, the electric heating circle has no use value, which will not only affect our working hours, but also a resource dross.