How to choose the wiring method of electric heating element

- Jun 12, 2019-

The electric heating tube has the characteristics of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, simple installation and long service life.

     There are two ways to connect the electric heating tube, one is the delta connection method, and the other is the star connection method.

     Delta connection: the first end of each component of the electric heating tube is connected to the tail end of the other component, and the three contacts are connected to the three phase lines respectively. Features: Three electric heating tube components are rated at 380 volts; for example, three component resistors The value is different and does not affect the feasibility of this connection. The delta connection is three times more powerful and current than the star connection.

     Star connection: heating elements of three electric heating tubes, the first end of each element is connected together (this point is called the neutral point), and the three end ends are connected by three phase lines. Features: When the three components are rated at 220 volts; if the resistance values of the three components are different, the neutral point should be connected to the neutral line.

     The electric heating tube is made of extraordinary electric heating data, and the design has low power load and multiple maintenance, which greatly increases the safety and life of the electric heater.