How to control the temperature of the electric heating tube?

- Apr 24, 2019-

The control of the temperature of the electric heating pipe can be realized by configuring the temperature measurement and temperature control system. Such as industrial oven temperature control, hot runner temperature control and so on.

        First of all, we must analyze and understand the medium and environment of electric heating, and provide the basis for selecting which electric heating elements. Secondly, we should select suitable and effective electric heating elements, such as electric heating tubes, electric heating plates, electric heating coils, etc., as well as stainless steel electric heating tubes and ceramic electric heating. Tube, quartz electric heating tube, carbon fiber electric heating tube, etc. Finally, the temperature control system should be installed according to the requirements of temperature control, including the temperature controller, ammeter, AC contactor, thermocouple and temperature control box required for temperature control of electric heating tube.