How to distinguish whether the electric heating tube is for dry heating or water heating?

- Jun 30, 2019-

The electric heating tube can be generally divided into air dry burning and liquid heating. In the industrial equipment application, the air dry burning electric heating tube is mostly divided into two types: a stainless steel heating tube and a fin type electric heating tube. Their common feature is the use of stainless steel raw materials, which use heat from the resistance wire to transfer heat to the air, causing the temperature of the heated medium to rise. The heating medium is different, and the selected heating tube is different. Different working conditions, the raw materials of the heating pipe are also different. Of course, in daily life, we also found heating pipes for carbon steel raw materials, but it has been confirmed by repeated tests that there are certain disadvantages. Carbon steel raw materials are not easily rusted in extremely dry conditions, otherwise they may not be easily oxidized for a while. Once the heating tube is rusted, it will not work properly. Metal heating pipes, stainless steel is still very popular from the perspective of operating cost and operating efficiency.

Air dry electric heating tubes and liquid heating tubes are still different. The liquid heating tube needs to know the liquid level of the liquid and whether it is corrosive in the liquid. In the application process, the liquid heating tube must be completely immersed in the liquid to avoid the appearance of dry burning of the electric heating tube, and the external temperature is too high, thereby causing the heating tube to burst. If the normal softened water heating pipe is used, the normal stainless steel 304 raw material can be selected. The liquid is corrosive. According to the corrosiveness, the stainless steel heating pipe 316 raw material, Teflon electric heating pipe, titanium pipe and the like can be selected. Heating pipe; if it is heating the oil card, we can use carbon steel raw materials or stainless steel steel raw materials, carbon steel raw material cost is low, used in heating oil will not rust. Regarding the setting of power, it is usually claimed that the customer does not exceed 4KW per meter when heating the medium such as water. The best power per meter is 2.5KW, and the time for heating oil does not exceed 2KW per meter, if heating oil The appearance of the load is too high, the oil temperature will be too high, prone to accidents, must be cautious. Air dry electric heating tube, stainless steel heating tube for oven, single-head heating tube for mold hole heating, finned heating tube for heating air, different shape and power according to customer's ball. The dry-burning pipe is normally set to a power of no more than 1 kW per meter, and can be increased to 1.5 kW in the case of a fan cycle. From the aspect of thinking about the life of the dry tube, the best temperature control, the control is within the acceptable scale of a pipe, so that the tube will not be heated all the way, beyond the temperature acceptable to the tube, no matter what the quality is good. Stainless steel electric heating pipes will also be bad.

Finally, although the external load of the air heating tube is lower than the external load of the liquid heating tube, the production process of the air dry heating tube and the liquid heating tube is different. Therefore, the dry heating tube cannot be used blindly to heat the liquid.